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About me


Let Me Help YOU!!!


Alleviate your workload and Elevate your business

Hi! I am Patrice! Thanks for dropping in to get to know me. I am just a simple girl who has random outbursts of laughter, enjoys music and LOVES her wine!  I am also THAT girl who thrives at work! 

Having over 10+ years of customer support and administrative experience. I am used to supporting managers, executives, and business owners. I have now opened my doors to serve creatives. After planning my wedding I fell in love with the process from beginning to end. I do understand how difficult it can be trying to manage it all alone. Finding a balance between work and personal time can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Allow me to assist in your day to day tasks and free up your time so you can get back to enjoying the things you love.  Call me crazy for wanting to be stuck behind a computer all day but I love it and I would love to help you to reach your business goals.


Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Less stress- Trying to manage appointments, customers inquires, email correspondences, messages, it can get pretty hectic. Hiring a VA can eliminate this as they are equipped to handle the day to day tasks.

Budget-friendly- A VA is already equipped with their own home office. No need to run around contacting tech support to get passwords and logins for the new computer equipment you would need. A VA is already ahead of the game and has the skills to bring also.

Flexibility- A VA doesn’t always work a typical 9 to 5. They are also available after business hours allowing more projects to be tackled.

Profit-You can't do EVERYTHING. So hiring a VA gives you another pair of eyes, hands, and ideas to grow your business.

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